Chiropractic Care

Dr. Michael Pezza, owner and Chiropractor at Compass Medical Healthcare Associates, takes a holistic approach to your health and well-being by providing a drug-free solution that helps assist in the body’s natural healing process. Dr. Pezza treats a multitude of conditions and injuries including, but not limited to:
Back pain
Neck pain
Joint pain
Shoulder pain
Ankle pain
Chronic pain
Degenerative Disc Disease
Disc Herniations
Blood Pressure
Pre & Post Surgical Treatment of Herniated Discs
Dr. Pezza is a leader in patient care and takes an individualized treatment approach to your health with non-invasive, all-natural treatments to help improve function and relieve pain.

At Compass Medical Healthcare Associates, we accept most insurances and work in conjunction with your physicians to meet your health care goals.

Call and make your appointment today and return to your fully active healthy life!

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